Can CBD Help Anxiety?

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One of the unexpected benefits for me when it came to CBD is the impact that it had for my anxiety, just so you have the all of the facts I have never been diagnosed with a specific anxiety disorder, I'm of the opinion that's partly due to me thinking it was generally not considered normal for a bloke to open up about "these kind of things".

Its also important to understand that anxiety is completely normal, every single person alive will know what it's like to feel anxious at some point. Anxiety becomes a problem when it becomes overwhelming and you loose the ability to manage your anxiety. This can be a mental illness and can cause you to have serious issues in your day to day life.

My first memory's of anxiety go all the way back to avoiding the school bully's. I remember taking elaborate routes home to avoid certain area's & people. I am in no doubt that anxiety was beneficial for me back then, it certainly helped me avoid a few tight situations!

It became more prevalent in my work life though, in fact it had quite an impact on my day to day life. I would struggle with stupid things like the walk from the entrance to my desk, I would employ strategies like keeping my head down, calling my partner on my mobile, avoiding the kitchen at busy times. When that wasn't enough I would put on a huge act to try and get through things as best as I could. There was definite triggers but 90% of the time I could cope with it and for the best part of it - no one suspected (at least in my mind). 

The other 10% of the time how ever caused me some significant issues, such as missing a work colleagues birthday lunch or avoiding Work Do's were at all possible, working through lunches and generally turning myself over time into a bit of a social outcast !! It was quite bad at times causing me to not come into work at all. For the best part I managed to keep it quite well hidden but I'm sure there was cracks.

So Can CBD Help with Anxiety?

For all of those of you who read my last blog about sleep you will know that the main reason I started to take CBD was due to researching into the impact it could have for sleep. How it effected my anxiety was a real bonus! 

I mean sure I had read that it could help and I will go on to show you some of the resources I used when I read up more on the subject but it definitely seemed to have a impact for me - It was not a fabled sword of legend destroying all traces of anxiety or even a magical silver bullet, the anxiety was still there in trigger situations - the difference is hard to explain rather than it being a situation were I was literally thinking of how to get out of this it was more like a memory of feeling really anxious, if that makes any sense at all.

This of course is my personal experience, I believe it worked for me but every one is different and I do fully recommend that you look further into CBD for anxiety for your self. I am always an advocate of looking at the research for your self and draw your own conclusions. The links in this blog should be a good place to start though.

In Conclusion

CBD has anxiolytic properties and a rather interesting study were humans were gave CBD and others a Placebo showed that the subjects gave CBD were linked to significant improvements in their anxiety levels. There is still more research needed but initially CBD is showing great potential to help treat Anxiety and various Anxiety Disorders such as GAD.

As per my previous advice though do not just take my word for it, I would strongly advise you to look at this objectively and carry out your own research. Try  Healthline & Green & Simple as good points of reference. 

The most important piece of advice I can give in relation to Anxiety is this - talk to some one!!

Hell my number is on my website - call me. I'm not a trained councilor but I'm a good listener and have all sorts of contact details for people who are trained and can help, you can also find some of them listed in the link below:

Help For Anxiety can be found here !!