Can CBD Help You To Get A Good Nights Sleep?

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CBD for Sleep

It was the Dalai Lama who said "sleep is the best meditation" and I have to agree. Reading about how CBD can help with insomnia is one of the primary reasons that I started taking cannabidiol. Any one suffering from insomnia and other sleep conditions (an estimated 70 million people) will agree that the consistent lack of 8 hours (to be fair I would have settled for 5 or 6 straight hours) takes a massive toll and leaves you with a bad temper and a huge addiction to caffeine!! 

So Does CBD Help Insomnia?

Well in all honesty it helped me!!

But of course I would say that given my chosen occupation and what is good for one is not necessarily good for another. Prior to starting CBD to help with my own sleep I was gave the advice to thoroughly research it for yourself and that is exactly what I did and the advice that I would pass on to any body considering taking CBD. To that end all the links I found useful are peppered through out my first blog.

One of the first things I found, whilst researching CBD for insomnia, was an article relating to a very promising study, the article was on Net Doctors website  and the writer, Anna Bonet, had spoken to Dr Sarah Brewer who literally wrote the book on CBD "the essential guide for health & wellness".

It essentially referred to CBD as helping with instances of insomnia caused by depression, stress and anxiety. It also referenced an initial study - that showed "promising results" - that was enough to peak my interest. I have linked the article & study above so that you can take my earlier advice should you wish. 

I did not wish to take one persons view or just rely on the Net Doctors article so my next step was reaching out to shops, people in user groups and tried a few brands to see what results I could get.

That's when I came across a couple of gems that I will happily share with you. Firstly treasure trove of info -  Green & Simple - The article they wrote on CBD and Sleep Disorders  was a big help - lacking of any radical claims, balanced and referencing the relevant study's. It quite clearly summed up the hours of research I had put in leaving me wishing I had found it sooner. 

Secondly is Bristol CBD a range I now sell myself - but that is another story!

In Summary :

Cannabidiol, other cannabinoids and their impact on sleep is still undergoing research. Despite being in the early days, Initial studies have shown a lot of promise. CBD & the way it interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system has been showing in early studies to positively impact sleep, how ever there needs to be more research.

In instances where insomnia is caused by stress & anxiety (a very common cause of these problems) it is known that the endocannabinoid system has an influence on these area's and given the way CBD can effect these area's and the calming effect it has - this can have an impact on your sleep patterns. It is also universally agreed that CBD does not negatively effect sleep and I can certainly verify that from personal experience.