How To Use CBD to Manage Chronic Pain

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There is nothing worse than being in pain, especially when that pain does not subside and everyday your either in agony, pumped full of prescription opiates that are not really doing any good, or taking a whole concoction of different meds that leave you thinking whats worse the side effects of the meds or the pain your taking meds for? 

When speaking to my clients who use CBD for chronic pain conditions they told me how they developed their regimes with CBD and a common strategy seemed to emerge, which had been giving them some relief. I'm aiming to put into a few easy to follow steps and share to help others in similar positions.

So why is CBD good for pain?

The endocannabinoid system is a system which we all have, it acts as a sort of traffic light system, researchers believe it's crucial for directing your body's responses to certain stimuluses at a cellular level.

Researchers know that CBD interacts with endocannabinoid receptors in your brain and immune system. These receptors are proteins attached to your cells and they receive chemical signals from different stimulus and in turn, direct your cells to respond. This response is what researchers believe creates pain-relieving and anti inflammatory effects that makes CBD able to help with pain management.

The real trick of it, given that CBD is not a readily available prescription medication, is getting the quality of your chosen CBD products and quantity right to help with pain management. 

So what have our clients said ?

As I mentioned above, when speaking to several of Grow Well's Customers it was clear that a strategy had emerged that was proving to be an effective way for these clients to manage their pain. These clients suffer from a range of conditions including Arthritis, migraines, herniated discs, sciatica and fibromyalgia.

In previous blogs, I have stated that everyone is different and what works for some may be trickier to get right for others, but I noticed that there was some success when applying this strategy. My theory is if it helps one other person then totally worth sharing!

So what exactly did they do? 

Step 1 - Set an initial dose, there is a handy dosage calculator here that could help with this.  It's usually aconsiderably low dose and acts as an introduction to CBD for your system. Take the week 1 recommendation from the dosage calculator, for example, use it as a benchmark and monitor the results over a week. 

Step 2 - Be consistent with your dosing regime, some people can take longer than others to feel the effects of CBD and will need time to adjust to it. Also the consistency of your routine will provide you with as accurate a picture as possible on how much your CBD may be helping.

Step 3 - Small incremental increases. After week 1 if your in a great deal of pain increase the dose by a drop, monitor the results and then increase again as necessary. The over all aim is to take enough to feel the benefits over time but taking as little as possible so your oil lasts longer and your system doesn't build a tolerance as quickly.

Step 4 - Pairing your oil with other supplements such as tumeric and CBD products such as balms or vapes. The idea being that your oil acts as a base dosage and when things like joint pain flares up, you can use a topical or a vape to get some quick relief. If your taking other medications it may be better to use a balm for this as it's non transdermal you won't be increasing the amount of CBD in your system and as it stays locally in your body to the site you applied it to it's often a great way of providing some quick relief.

To Summarise

This is definitely one strategy which is having a positive impact, anecdotally, it's been employed by quite a few of growwell's customers with great effect. It's certainly food for thought and offers some advantages to your standard take 2 drops twice a day dosing advice for people who suffer with chronic pain conditions. It allows you to find the exact dosing regime that works for you, manages your pain in the most cost effective way possible.

One thing to watch out for is the interactions of CBD and your current medications and a link to a drug interactions checker can be found here. This does not normally mean you can't take CBD it's more a question of metabolism and leaving relevent gaps (usually 4-6 hrs) keep an eye on any increased side effects of your medication. I would be happy to answer any questions on this alternatively you can ask your pharmacist or GP. Just pop me a quick message and if I don't know the answer I know the people who will.

I really hope this helps you to find some relief! And again if this helps just 1 person then it's totally been worth it !!