I started using CBD in August 2020, I use CBD for anxiety, aches and pains from old injury's but mainly I use CBD for insomnia. The thing I found, as a relative newbie, is finding a brand that I could trust and came up against a barrage of info, products, spammy messages and poor quality CBD products. I also realized quite quickly the benefits that CBD has for thousands of people in the UK.

I feel very passionately about how it could help countless more people so I decided to start my own business with the aim of supplying trust worthy products of the highest quality at the best pricing possible. I decided to use a discounts scheme to achieve better affordability for quality CBD products.

We Have partnered with Bristol CBD who supply the highest quality CBD products and aim to pass over some of the discounts we receive to help provide cheaper CBD for those who use it to help them in there day to day lives. We chose Bristol CBD as there goals align perfectly with our own, there products are simply the highest quality available. 

As a CBD user I know the benefits this has gave to me, millions of other people globally are experiencing the same things - I quite simply wish to share this with as many people as possible and help those who we can!