Bio Med Full Spectrum CBD 1000mg
Bio Med 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil 10 ML
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Bio Med 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil 10 ML

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1000mg CBD per 10ml Bottle

Bio Meds 10% Full Spectrum CBD oils offers a very cost effective way to get a larger dose of CBD for the price. Each bottle contains 10% CBD (cannabidiol) and is packed with other cannabinoids perfect for creating the entourage effect.

Why Buy This CBD Oil?

Bio Meds CBD comes from plants grown indoors near Sevilla in Spain by a team of experts from the Netherlands, California and Barcelona. Their expertise is used to grow plants that are high in CBD and other cannabinoids, perfect for creating ‘the entourage effect’. The plants are processed in a specially designed sterile CO2 extraction lab in Sevilla and a pure, clean, high strength extract is produced. This extract is sent to the UK and blended with winterised virgin hemp oil to create a clean, natural product, full of CBD and other cannabinoids, with a milder herby natural flavour in comparison to most other whole plant extract oils.