Bristol CBD 20% Broad Spectrum 100ml Dropper
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Bristol CBD 20% Broad Spectrum 100ml Dropper

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20000mg CBD per 100ml Bottle

Bristol CBD has selected the highest quality ingredients when creating their 20% Broad Spectrum CBD oil. It offers very high levels of CBD at a very cost effective price. Each bottle contains 20% CBD (cannabidiol), 0.6% CBG (cannabigerol), 0.2% CBDV (cannabidivarin) and a small amount of other cannabinoids but no terpenes, flavonoids or THC.

Why buy this CBD oil?

Extracted 20% broad spectrum CBD oils in Colorado, USA, which is one of the most stringently regulated hemp markets in the world resulting in the highest quality and safety regulations. Our broad spectrum oils are:

  • 100% organic (with certification)
  • FSA validated for Novel Foods (Submission No. RP296)
  • THC-free, non-psychoactive
  • GMP Certified 21 CFR part 111 & 117
  • Tested by ISO 9001:2015 accredited third party laboratory
  • Tested to be free from pesticides or heavy metals
  • Suitable for vegans, gluten free and GMO free